Communication Technology Resources

Providing AAC Evaluations and Trainings

AAC App for Proloquo2Go, Tobii DynaVox and TouchChat
Gateway to Language and Learning© (Gateway©) is a series of page sets targeting children and adults with complex communication needs who use augmentative communication (AAC) technology to communicate. It is appropriate for individuals with a wide range of diagnoses including autism, apraxia, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and ALS.  It is available as an in-App purchase within Proloquo2Go (Assistiveware) and the TouchChat AAC iPad App (Saltillo Corp).  It is also available for the Tobii Dynavox SNAP App.   Detailed information can be found on the Gateway to Language and Learning website. 

Assessment Tool
The Test of Aided-Communication Symbol Performance© (TASP) is an easy to use tool for assessing a range of symbolic skills needed to: (1) design a communication board, (2) select an AAC App, (3) select an AAC device and (4) establish appropriate AAC intervention goals. The TASP can be used with children and adults.  Administration time ranges from 10-20 minutes. View a brief video for more information.  The TASP can be purchased through Boardmaker (SKU M3MJ205) Cost - $299.

Sample Communication Boards
All individuals who use AAC can benefit from having access to a manual communication board either as their primary mode of communication or as a back-up to their high tech AAC device.  To help clinicians new to designing communication boards, two sample boards are provided.

 Introductory Board presents a sample lexicon targeted for a 24-29 month level of expressive language performance.  It uses the Fitzgerald Key format as the vocabulary organization format and contains the vocabulary needed for a child to be assessed using the Preschool Language Scale.  

The second example is a
 Tri-Fold communication Board.  It presents a a beginning word board, designed in a Fitzgerald Key Format.  The words are presented in a large font to help promote sight-word recognition.  Small picture symbols accompany each word.  The vocabulary on this board targets a child at the 36-40 month expressive language level.  A board such as this may also be created solely using pictures symbols.